If, like us, your heart races as you approach the trail head. If on Sunday mornings you don not robes, but lycra. If your head dress is a helmet. Then you are The Big Ring... And you have just arrived home.

TheBigRing.com is about cycling. It is about telling cyclists' stories in an exciting and realistic way that both cyclists and non-cyclists can appriciate. Our goal at The Big Ring is to bring informative, interesting, and exciting documentaries to those seeking intelligence, inspiration, or enlightenment.

What we want to achieve with our documentary :

To help people realize the scope of bicycling tours in the United States. How many there are. How big some of them get. The history of the tours. Show various "characters" on the tours through interviews. Finally, our main goal is to help cyclists and non-cyclists alike see the fun and the lifestyle of the longer, week long tours.

The Big Ring is as much a part of the ride as the bikes we are perched upon. The Big Ring is a mutual feeling that we cyclists share. It is something that a non-cyclist could never fathom. The feeling you get as you crest a climb at 8:00 in the morining, fighting for every breath, yet having no urge to be elsewhere. The feeling of flying down a hill on a piece of single-track no wider than the computer screen you are looking at, dodging trees and rocks, all at speeds that would make an average person pray for help. But we all understand the event much better, we don't need to pray for help. As we ride, we are, in a sense already immersed in a silent prayer.

We at The Big Ring are merely cyclists, just like you. We understand what those feelings are, and what they are all about. And we are here to help everyone have the opportunity to get a glimpse of the enlightenment that comes from cycling. Though the only true path to understanding is through the ride itself, we can help define the route to get there. We are here to provide a centralized community where we can all help each other, and bring our sport to the next level, a level of understanding between all cyclists, and other wilderness users alike. After all, we all share the same playground, now we can all share the same experience.

TheBigRing.com - Take it to the next level...

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